Content Marketing, as the name suggests, is a planned technique to use content for marketing a service, product, business or even yourself. Marketing your product, services, business or yourself has become very easy by the use of the internet. Any form of online marketing strategy or theory uses “Content” at the center of its “Marketing” tactics. Depending upon the subject and strategy designed for marketing the product, types of content keep changing. 

Further in this article we will discuss what is content marketing exactly and how to use it to market your own products and services.  

Useful Content delivers a Successful Marketing Campaign  

The growth in the use of smartphones and through them of the use of the internet has changed the scenario of modern marketing. This new modern mix of “online Content Marketing” and “Offline Content Marketing” is substantially more effective than the old conventional marketing methods.  

In the stay home type of days that we are experiencing now, Content Marketing is the best way to grow your business online and especially if you are a small business owner. 

Content Marketing involves understanding your product or service with respect to what problems it or you solve. By understanding the problem you can reach out to people who experience that problem in their daily lives. All this is done by creating and marketing fresh and unique content to the desired audience. For the purpose of promotions, various Digital Marketing companies use Social Media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and also the prime Search Engines through a planned out step by step SEO Strategy. 

By now you must be clear about the fact that whether you want to promote your website on google or your brand on social media, you will need a defined content that talks and engages with your audience. This is where Content Marketing plays a crucial role. You literally plan out how your website or your business will talk to the audience through blogs, social posts, videos, pictures, stories, messages, captions and what not. 

All this content creation and promotion helps build a content marketing strategy that will help you expand the reach and thereby the sales of your business. 

All forms of Online Marketing Needs Content

From the very beginning, buying has been a process of trust. Any person who buys your product must trust you for your word. Finding that kind of trust is not the easiest thing in today’s time. However, you need not worry! Content Marketing is not the toughest thing to understand either. 

In most forms of Online Content marketing, visual content like Images and Videos form some part of the content. Depending upon the platform and its audience these media files could be at the center of the content story as well. However, written content is the one that still manages to keep its place in the field of marketing. Let us see what type of content is needed to market your desired product or service on various marketing platforms. 

Content Marketing on Social Media: 

Social Media Marketing is a great way to market yourself or your business online through established social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. All these platforms use Visual Media as the main form of content while write-ups and articles find limited yet definite space in captions and comments on social media. Besides, there are many other platforms like Quora, where you can carefully plan out your content marketing strategy and gather readers and subscribers through genuine problem solving and advisory. Focusing on popular problems and solving them in your answers delivers user’s trust in the purest form. 

Content Marketing Through SEO: 

If you desire to promote your content through a website on Search Engines like Google and Bing, then Search Engine Optimization is the only way out. Search engines read and calibrate your website content in the form of text. They match your on-site content to a query from a user and if they find solutions to their problems, the content and therefore the website gets ranked in the Search Engine Results. Writing the best articles, blogs, newsletters etc. is one practice that almost guarantees 100% success in SEO but then again the content marketing plan must have a defined audience for good SEO results as well.  

Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate. Quality content is part of all forms of marketing.

Content marketing has helped leading brands

From Amazon to Google, we are surrounded by big brands who became big through content marketing online. Ever thought how many times you see amazon in your search results on Google? Also, how many times a day do you use Google? All of these behaviours of using google and selecting amazon or flipkart or any other branded search result are because these brands surround us with brand values and messages on social media through images and videos and engaging visual content. 

On the Search engines these same brands are again the forerunners for all your queries. It is not just a coincidence, they rank because they care about their customers to such an extent that their content marketing strategy addresses the solutions to all their customers’ needs. A combined yet subtle word of trust conveyed through the user comments and brand behaviors on the social platforms helps these brands acquire immense user loyalty. This is how successful brands use content marketing to enhance their reach.  

How do I approach my own content strategy?

New to content marketing? Check out our getting started guide, where you’ll learn the definition of content marketing, as well as basic steps for putting a content marketing plan in place.

For a beginner, content marketing strategy building can be a confusing task. However, these are a few questions which, if answered properly, can help you understand content marketing in a much better way. 

What is the industry or niche that you want to focus on? 

What solutions are my users primarily looking for? 

What are the main problems that my potential customers face in this industry? 

What are their preferences regarding social media platforms and what type of content they like and share? 

What are the most successful marketing campaigns in the industry? 

What goals are the most successful marketing campaigns trying to achieve? 

Look out for the content that gets the most recommendations. Try to build your content around similar lines. 

How would you keep track of your Content Strategy Implementation? 

What results do you expect at the end of all this effort? 

Answering these questions could be complex. Contact us to discuss your doubts for free. 


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