Project Overview

Rebranding, Brand Photoshoot and Digital Assets Creation for Healthy Food Products (Peanut Butter etc) with Online Sales and Marketing for B2B and D2C Customers onboarding.


Rebranding, Brand Photoshoot, Digital Assets Creation


Brand Guideline, Logo Design, Product Package Design, Product Photoshoot


Nutiko –

D2C Health Food Brands Analysis & Case Study – Before, During and Post Pandemic For Indian Brands

There’s no running away from the fact that the pandemic has changed many things for good. One of them is what we eat and drink. And this is best seen in the unabashed optimism for health foods and beverages (F&B) in the D2C world.

It’s no wonder then that D2C startups are flocking to meet the demand. India is projected to have an addressable base of 120 Mn health-conscious individuals by next year. The preventive healthcare segment is estimated to reach $100 Bn in value, with healthy consumption accounting for 30% of this opportunity.

The D2C and ecommerce ecosystem is seeing its second major inflection point in India after the rise of the marketplaces. The brand “Nutrinut” aims to target this market segment and emerge as a “Big Name”.

With amazing product quality client needs a brand visibility that fit in with there brand values. For this our team went through an intense one to one session with client to understand there needs properly. We further created a requirement board on Trello to grab the specific goals.

Requirement Analysis Trello Board With Client

Our Solution

These are the specific ways to make your Product look the very best it can be, starting from the first impression.

Logo Design and Branding

Designing a logo that fits in with brand guidelines and carrying to to all the branding identities in elegant manner.

  • Logo Design
  • Product Packaging Stickers Design

Extend Option

  • Stationary Design, Posters, Board and Standees Designs

Product Photoshoot

Showcase products that allow organizations and individuals to focus on highlighting a specific values or promotion. 

  • Product Photography with Background
  • Nature Photography

Extend Option

  • Product Photography with Model/Influencer
  • Product Video Commercials

Few Of The Initial Designs.

The Result

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Seth Godin

We research the market scenario as per the trends of the market to which the project belongs (Here as a healthy food product) and then then deliver our designs for logo, product packaging and once the branding assets creation is over we moved to product photography for images that convey brand statements and values.

Final Label with New Logo Reveal and New Brand Name
All Variants Of Product