Project Overview

Since the past 25 years, UV Group has been innovating in the field of Solar PV Modules, Solar Inverters and Solar Batteries. Through constant R&D we have developed world class products that are manufactured in our own backyards at different locations in India itself.

UV Group is a venture aimed to solve some of the prime problems that we all are facing today as a nation. To provide a solution to these problems UV Group came with following three brands:

  • Ukava Solar : Solar Panels, Invertors, Solar PV Modules, Solar Batterie and Solar Home UPS
  • Velemo Motohub : Smart range of Electric Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers
  • Geruwa : Earthen Cookware & Palm Leaf Disposables.

Logo Design, Store Branding, Outdoor Branding, UI/UX Design, Web Design and Social Media Graphics.


IT Consultation, Brand Guide, UI/UX Strategy, Marketplace Web Development, SEO and Social Media


UV Group – Ukava Solar, Velemo Motohub and Geruwa

Our Solution

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The Result

Their expertise led to valuable UX, clear navigation and functionality, and ease for my team to be able to design pages and manage content updates after launch.

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