Transforming Ideas into Reality

We Develop Businesses

Every idea is worth millions if executed properly. We shape your concept into a Branded Business and we specialize in turnkey projects.

Where ordinary businesses fail,

Branding Sails!

Branding builds trust which your customers can count on. Build a loyal customer base that will stand with your business through thick and thin.

Analysis, Establishment & Marketing

We Do It All

It is crucial for a business to understand itself, its customers and their problems. Doing this effectively is called Branding and that helps a business thrive forever.


If you have a creative idea and a vision of success then you have arrived at the right spot.

At MizzleCodes, we help you understand the true potential of your business through deep analysis of your products, services, operations, audience and competitors.

From analysis, research & market sizing to office set up, B2B collaborations and building a Brand that people trust we assist you at every step.

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Even as the Covid-19 pandemic gets older, we as a country struggle to find high quality covid-19 safety products in India. Medical Essentials is an initiative by Mizzle Codes to provide a platform for Indian manufacturers and vendors of covid-19 safety products. Indian vendors can register for free and login to access a vendor dashboard that allows you to set up your shop and update your products for sales.

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Locate Your Tuition


LYT aims to help every student in finding the best coaching, tuition or home tutor within their vicinity at affordable prices. Continuing on the path of building an effective educational framework, LYT helps teachers and coachings to list themselves on the portal and find students through online leads. Also, teachers and coachings can launch their app at easy monthly pricing with the best available options. LYT visualises an educational scenario where we can help establish an educational network that facilitates easy, adaptive and affordable learning by using best classroom and online teaching technology trends.

We work hard for

Your Success

Each and everyone of us at MizzleCodes strives day and night to help your idea and business flourish into world class brands. We are dedicated to improve and enhance your footprint in your niche and to each and everyone of your customers and potential customers. In your success lies our growth and that is what drives us to help you achieve your ambitions. 


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